SUS Spring Elections 2021

A Guide for Voters


All Candidates Forum: Mar 18 4-9pm
Voting: Mar 22 - 29


Voting Instructions

1. Go on
2. Log in through your CWL
3. Find the SUS Spring Elections ballot and vote once voting period opens on Mar 22!

All Candidates Forum

To find out more about the candidates and hear about their platforms - JOIN US ON Mar 18th 4-8pm at the All Candidates Forum, where you and current executives get to ask questions live and get to know the candidates!

Zoom Meeting Details
Meeting ID: 676 3964 0415
Passcode: 046753


Dayle Balmes

Hello UBC Science! My name is Dayle Balmes, a third year BSc Integrated Sciences student and I’m running to be your next President of the UBC Science Undergraduate Society.

As the incumbent VP Academic, my portfolio rolled out initiatives such as the Academic Integrity Campaign, Interfaculty Mental Health Week, COVID-19 and Back2School Surveys, @movewithSUS Instagram account and an IGTV Science Majors campaign. On top of that, I advocated for Science students at multiple Faculty level meetings. (less Proctorio!)

In the role of President, I plan on using my extensive SUS experience by supporting the Vice-Presidents and taking on a student representative/advocate role.

My platform consists of 3 points:
(1) Student Advocacy and Representation
(2) Transition Events and Support
(3) Quality Campus Connections

Overall, I will ensure a well-functioning undergraduate society and hold the Faculty accountable in ensuring a smooth transition back to in-person learning so that YOU feel supported. If you would like to learn more about my platform and experiences, please visit my website ( ← THERE’S A DOG!

Thank you very much for taking the time to vote!

To learn more about Dayle, visit:

Parsa Seyfourian


I am Parsa Seyfourian and I am running to be your next President.
We have had an UNPRECEDENTED year! Just full on Crazy!!
This year has been new and challenging to everyone. And I want to make sure that I can help to remove some of the stress off of your shoulders.

Here are some of my reforms:
Interested in Post-grad studies: Graduate/Medical/Dentistry schools?
Then I want to bring many workshops targeted toward YOU and help you connect with UBC researchers: so, YOU can start RESEARCHING in labs!!
Many more workshops to help students with mental health and transition to Back-on-campus-life next year.
Many social events targeted to our beloved first and second years, so they can have an easier time of transition to UBC!!
More SUS transparency
More inclusivity from SUS to encapsulate everyone from the Science population
Creating Town Hall meetings, whereby YOU can come and ask the SUS Executives questions

Remember: Together (You and I) can achieve so much: a better university experience for you, and a better UBC for all!

Mitochondr(ion) might be the powerhouse of the cell, but you are more, you are the house, YOU are UBC SCIENCE!!!!!

To find out more about Parsa and his platform, visit:

Student Life

Troy Chong

Hey UBC Science!

My name is Troy Chong. I’m a 2nd year in Microbiology and Immunology and I am running to be your next VP, Student Life! As your current Associate VP, Student Life and my experience in fostering community through engaging and memorable events, I believe I am a strong candidate for this position. My platform consists of 3 points:

Affordability and Accessibility:
Promise to make events FREE or have affordable ticket prices only when necessary
The expenses and costs will be weighed against student enjoyment and will always be considered
Events will have student needs and accommodations accounted for

Inclusivity And Engagement:
Increase volunteer opportunities for our events
Increase club collaboration to especially showcase what Science clubs have to offer

Diversify Events:
Work hard to give current first years a makeup Science RXN next year!
Will plan events that appeal to all audiences and provide a memorable experience

Regardless of next year's plan of curriculum delivery, I promise to provide all students an incredible year full of lifelong memories and connections so I hope you can put your #TrustInTroy to be your next VP Student Life.

To find out more about Troy, visit:

Wendy Yang

Hi UBC Science! My name is Wendy Yang and I’m a third-year Biology student who’s thrilled to be running to be your next VP Student Life. Throughout my time at UBC, I’ve been involved with the Social portfolio, Science RXN and Sci Grad and have had success with both in person and online events. In addition to SUS, I’ve held leadership roles with Undergraduate Research Opportunities and UBC Jumpstart. I’m excited to share my aspirations to create an inclusive and engaging science community.

Platform Overview

1. High Quality Events - Money Well Spent
Events for you, by you: introducing a new event feedback system
Reduction of small events in favour of large scale, high engagement events
Unique, interactive events aimed at fostering new relationships & strengthening old ones.

2. Meaningful Connections - In All The Right Directions
Maximizing collaborations with science clubs to promote diversity and encourage community building within science.
Organizing interfaculty events to promote engagement and social interaction within UBC.

3. Plan of Attack? Student Fees Are Going Back
Advocating for low cost/free events and subsidies for those who need it
Prioritizing participation & involvement through increased monetary prizes
Repurposing budget spending to be proportional to event turnout

To learn more about Wendy, visit: